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Work Package 1: Creative Space

This work package affords the space and time, which are typically barriers for Academic staff developing Impact. These also aim to develop external partnerships and KE. A pool of experienced impact mentors will be established as a database resource to assist in the programme delivery.  There are six programmes of impact funding in this work package.

WP1-1: The IMPacting Research, Outreach and Valued Engagement (ImpROVE) programme enables (normally) two awards of £5,000 in each academic year. It provides the PI with four weeks of research leave for an intensive and applied impact training duration involving a workshop, Research & Impact Business mentors, expert mentors (Arts & Humanities organisations) and a senior academic as a Co-I to accelerate research impact strategies (similar model to that of ICURe).

WP1-2: The Collaborative Impact Research Leave programme enables time for the PI and includes active mentoring from an experienced researcher, guiding the PI (ECR or MCR) to achieve valuable impacts for their research. We aim to support normally five of these per year.

WP1-3: The Rapid Impact Seed Fund provides a flexible open-call fund that responds to new impact opportunities for example focused media activity, commercialisation or implementation pathways, travel, accommodation, Research Assistance support, subsistence or being embedded within an external organisation for a short intensive period.

WP1-4: The Odyssey Trust Researcher-in-Residence Programme enables immersed time for the PI and/or team to engage with Odyssey W5 Reimagined, to develop meaningful public engagement with their research. Access to spaces, facilities and services may be brokered with the Odyssey Trust. A Q&A meeting will be held at Odyssey as part of the call for this programme. We aim to support normally one of these as a pilot project.

WP1-5: The Transformation Voucher directly aims to deliver Research Knowledge Exchange (RKE) with an external organisation by working together to find ways in which existing research will benefit that organisation or their purpose. The application will be developed by both the academic and the external partner.

WP1-6: The Sociocultural Transformation Exchange Programme (STEP) directly aims to deliver Research Knowledge Exchange (RKE) within an external organisation by embedding the academic research in situ with an organisation as a 0.4FTE for 4 months or a 0.2FTE for 8 months. The application will be developed by both the academic and the external partner. It must align to the UN SDG’s, specifying a particular target or indicator.