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Drug Prescription - Clarification

   19 October 2021

Announcement regarding Drug Prescription - Clarification.

Medication Administration - 07/10/21

   11 October 2021

It may be helpful to remind all candidates coming to sit their OSCE (new and legacy Test of Competence) that any drug omitted must have the reason (code) and a signature documented.

CTC Update 15 Sep 2021

   15 September 2021

Updated Candidate Preparation Materials

   14 June 2021

Read about the latest additions and updates to ToC support materials.

Latest updates on transitioning to new Test of Competence

   5 May 2021

Link to the new Test of Competence 2021.

OSCE Support Materials

   1 April 2021

Ulster CTC Update - 26 January 2021 - Attending the CTC

   24 February 2021

More information about our measures and guidelines on campus for attending the CTC

NMC Update - 03 Nov 2020

   24 February 2021

The NMC webpage has been updated in regards to the latest government announcement.

Postponement of the New ToC

   24 February 2021

The NMC have confirmed the new ToC will be postponed until April 2021, the webpages confirming the new go live date and been updated.

Timing change to Assessment Station

   24 February 2021

In response to feedback from candidates, Trusts and Agencies in tandem with test centre examiner observations, the timing for the assessment station is increasing from 10 minutes to 12 minutes.

Update: Ulster CTC

   24 February 2021

New Flow information for Candidates

   24 February 2021

Changes to Skills Timings

   24 February 2021

Changes to Skills Timings

New Skills / Scenarios

   24 February 2021

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