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The Northern Ireland Antimicrobial Resistance Network (AMR Network) brings together a diverse range of specialisms with members from within academia, business and public sectors across Northern Ireland spanning human and animal medicine, microbiology, environmental science, diagnostics, chemistry, engineering, data analytics and public health.

The network has created a unique platform for multi-disciplinary interaction between microbiologists, engineers, life scientists, pharmacists, medics, nurses, environmental scientists and computer analysts, allowing academics to interface with the business community and public sector bodies.

The network is focused on 4 main thematic areas.

  • Diagnosing AMR using emerging technologies to speed up diagnosis and ensuring that disease treatment is appropriate.
  • Analysing the environment which acts as a reservoir for AMR organisms and resistant genes.
  • The development of innovative treatments and the commercialisation of new compounds which are used to treat infection.
  • The use of data analytics to predict and control AMR outbreaks.
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