Library Emails: Junk Email, Clutter or Quarantined Messages

Library emails may be sent to users for a variety of reasons. This page offers simple advice for recovering messages incorrectly flagged as spam or quarantined.

Library emails are sent out to users for a variety of reasons: borrower notifications, room bookings, event registrations, etc.  Unfortunately, sometimes email services may mark such emails as spam and they may not reach your mailbox as intended.

To ensure you see any emails the Library may send you, please do the following:

  • Regularly check your Ulster University mailbox.
  • Regularly check your Junk Email and Clutter folders.
  • Review any Spam Notification emails (from sent to your mailbox. These will list any messages quarantined within the last 24 hours and allow you to 'Release to Inbox' and/or 'Report as Not Junk'.

If you're awaiting an email that you know is due (e.g. Library room bookings) but hasn't arrived, it may have been quarantined. As well as waiting for the Spam Notification emails, which only arrive daily, you can manually check the Quarantine page in the Office365 Security & Compliance Center. From here you can release incorrectly quarantined emails to your inbox.

If you experience any problems receiving emails sent by the Library, please contact Library Help.