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  • Digital Capabilities

    Digital capability describes the skills and attitudes to thrive in a digitally connected world.

    The Office for Digital Learning is coordinating this initiative with support from ISD, Library, CHERP, Employability & Careers, Student Wellbeing, People and Culture and UUSU.

    You can find out more about digital capabilities and why they are important on the website; along with information about the Jisc Digital Capabilities Framework, role profiles and the Jisc Discovery Tool, to reflect on and develop your digital capabilities.

    Explore digital capabilities support for students and staff at Ulster University, with signposting to relevant resources to help develop your digital skills.

  • CampusPress Blogging Platform
    CampusPress provides students with their own WordPress site, and provides functionality which allows lecturers to manage and aggregate student sites under a class site. Lecturers can choose to keep students sites open to the class or publicly available if required. Students as content creators facilitates online social interaction building online learning communities and providing opportunities for peer learning and formative assessment.
  • Module Manager
    The Module Manager is a custom built software application that allows academic staff to perform a number of administrative functions to support Blackboard administration. You can request access to your modules, change start dates, copy content between modules, set up support areas in Blackboard and access aggregated attendance reports. The system is constantly in development and is available at
  • Unitu - Communication for Students-Reps-Staff

    Unitu is an online platform that helps universities and student unions to collect and analyse student feedback in real time, and deliver faster improvements to the student experience.

  • Qwickly Attendance Reporting
    Qwickly is the attendance monitoring system integrated with Blackboard. The system, out of the box, allows attendance reporting at a module level. Quickly aggregated reporting is a system which allows attendance to be visualised at Programme, School or Faculty level and also includes additional reporting functionality for Tier 4 students. The system is built, managed and developed by the Office for Digital Learning.
  • Module Feedback Survey
    The Module Feedback Survey is Ulster’s online student feedback platform. The system is built, managed and developed by the Office for Digital Learning and includes over 12 years of historical module feedback data, The system an be access at