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Social science research at Ulster University has a distinguished history of producing research impact that enhance policy, justice and service delivery both locally and globally.

Our impact is underpinned by a number of core strategic aims:

  • Pioneering discoveries - Maintaining a daring and supportive research environment, which foster creativity, novelty, and rigour, from which new data-sets, analytical frameworks and concepts can emerge that change the way we think about social processes.
  • Collaborative inquiry - Support research methodologies that engage stakeholders from inception to delivery, so the knowledge and experiences circulating within civil society, policy making circles, the third sector, business and communities, are incorporated into the research process.
  • Relationship building - Invest in relationship building with different stakeholder groups, over the long-term, through a partnership approach that becomes an everyday component of our professional practice.
  • A global outlook - Create multiple pathways for impact, by collaborating, and building relationships, with stakeholders at a local, national and international level.

Examples of this approach can be observed in a number of thematic areas in which our research is having world leading impact: