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MHPSS in Peacebuilding

22 October 2020

On 15 October the Chair, Professor Brandon Hamber, gave an address to the “Annual Conference 2020: Harnessing Potential” hosted by The Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law. The speech focused on the “Enhanced Integration of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) in Peacebuilding”. The speech focused on sharing the recommendations for the UN Peacebuilding … Continue reading "MHPSS in Peacebuilding"

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Covid-19, Mental Health and Peace

24 September 2020

Today, the Chair addressed the UN General Assembly High-level Week event on “COVID-19 and the role of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in building resilience and sustaining social cohesion and peace”. The event was hosted by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in cooperation with the Center on International Cooperation and the g7+. The Chair spoke … Continue reading "Covid-19, Mental Health and Peace"

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New Permanent Exhibition

25 August 2020

Today we launched a permanent rotating Conflict Textiles exhibit in the Ulster University Library on the beautiful Magee campus. This marks a new stage in our longstanding relationship between Conflict Textiles and the university where we have the online collection on CAIN. The new exhibit is done in partnership with the John Hume and Thomas … Continue reading "New Permanent Exhibition"

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Footsteps of the Disappeared

24 August 2020

“Following the Footsteps of the Disappeared” is a two-day programme incorporating a textile display and 2 seminars to mark International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances 30 August 2020. Programme of Events Launch of “Following the Footsteps of the Disappeared”, 30 August 2020, 14:00pm for more information and/or register. Seminar “Transnational Experiences of Enforced … Continue reading "Footsteps of the Disappeared"

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The Passing of John Hume

3 August 2020

John Hume is undoubtedly one of the most significant politicians of the last 50 years. It was sad to hear of his passing today, and my thoughts are first with Pat Hume and the family. John Hume was the product of social upheaval linked to the conflict in and about Northern Ireland from 1960s onwards, … Continue reading "The Passing of John Hume"

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Gender, Truth-telling and Reform

27 July 2020

DCAF (Geneva Centre for Security Sector Reform) with UN Women organised a panel discussion on integrating gender into truth-telling to create a platform for institutional reform on 23 July 2020. Seminar is now online. Panel Members Ibtihel Abdellatif, Chair of the Women’s Committee, Tunisia Truth and Dignity Commission (IVD) Professor Brandon Hamber, John Hume and … Continue reading "Gender, Truth-telling and Reform"

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Seminar: UK Combat Impunity

15 July 2020

The third seminar in the Dealing with the Past series entitled “Is the UK heading towards combat impunity?” was hosted online on 5 June 2020, with some 65 people joining online. In the seminar Dr Thomas Hansen, Lecturer in Law and member of the Transitional Justice Institute at Ulster University, focused on a number of … Continue reading "Seminar: UK Combat Impunity"

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Summer School Input

10 July 2020

Today, 10 July 2020, the Hume O’Neill Chair, Professor Brandon Hamber, made an online input to the “Summer Institute in Northern Ireland: Lessons in Community Peacebuilding”. The Institute was moved online due to the Covid-19 context. The Institute is led by Professor Marie Breen-Smyth and is based at the University of Massachusetts (Boston) in partnership … Continue reading "Summer School Input"

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Briefing: Historical Institutional Abuse

26 June 2020

Professor Patricia Lundy and Professor Brandon Hamber have now published a Policy Brief based on work on historical institutional abuse and transitional justice. This policy briefing draws upon the Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry to explicate the nexus of historical institutional abuse inquiries with transitional justice approaches. Through detailed analysis of empirical research with … Continue reading "Briefing: Historical Institutional Abuse"

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Statues, History & Commemoration

15 June 2020

Writing in Medium, the Chair, Professor Brandon Hamber shared his views on the recent controversies surrounding statues of the past. The article entitled “Statues Don’t Teach History, They Applaud It” begins: “Recently I saw a piece quoting the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford, Louise Richardson, saying removing from Oriel College the statue of Cecil John Rhodes, the … Continue reading "Statues, History & Commemoration"

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