Dissolving Boundaries Seminar Series

"Hidden Barriers and Divisive Architecture: The case of Belfast" by David Coyles, Brandon Hamber, Adrian Grant

Belfast City

Dissolving Boundaries Seminar Series

“Hidden Barriers and Divisive Architecture: The case of Belfast”

by David Coyles, Brandon Hamber, Adrian Grant

Dissolving Boundaries Seminar Series

The “peace-walls” are particularly symbolic of the role that architecture plays in separating residential communities and a comprehensive scholarship continues to assess their effects. This presentation outlines original findings from a three-year multi-disciplinary academic research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, which extends this current understanding of physical and social division. It reveals new evidence of a distinct and important, yet largely unrecognised, body of divisive architecture; an extensive range of ‘hidden barriers’ embedded in various architectural forms across Belfast’s residential communities. The presentation draws on six distinctive case-study communities that have been subjected to the implementation of ‘hidden barriers’ during the comprehensive redevelopment of social-housing during the Troubles. The case studies provide a rigorous and reliable evidence base drawn from qualitative fieldwork that includes architectural mapping, photography, community focus groups and in excess of 100 community interviews. This data is underpinned by new and extensive archival research and analysis of NINIS statistical data. The presentation explains how emerging findings from the research reveal complex and multi-layered impacts that these “hidden barriers” have on community relations and community regeneration policy aspirations.

Date: 7th November

Time and Venue: 12:00 in Room 2D09 in our Jordanstown campus.

RSVP: d.coey@ulster.ac.uk

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