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Pre-Ceremony Day

Check your email for your personalised graduate itinerary.

  • Registration Deadline

    The booking system closes on 10 June 2022.

    Unfortunately due to the significant planning and organising involved in hosting graduation ceremonies, it will not be possible to accept requests after 10 June 2022.

  • If you can't attend

    We can only consider deferral requests for extenuating circumstances.

    Please contact your campus Registry Office if you want to discuss your extenuating circumstances.

  • Celebrating with your classmates

    You can attend the same event as your classmates

    Ceremonies will be arranged by Faculty and School.

    However larger schools may need to be scheduled across two ceremonies. If this is the case, we will endeavour to schedule both ceremonies on the same day.

  • Accessibility Requirements

    If you or one of your guests has any accessibility requirements or additional needs, we would encourage you to provide details when booking through Marston Events to ensure we can meet your requirements.

  • Dietary Requirements

    If you or one of your guests has a dietary requirement, you will be given the opportunity to provide further details when booking through Marston Events to attend your ceremony.

  • Guests from overseas

    If your family members need a visa to travel to the UK, they will also need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa to visit you and attend your graduation ceremony in the UK, unless they are a non-visa national (someone who does not need a visa to come to the UK for a short visit).

Ceremony Day

  • Check-in 2 hours before

    You must arrive 2 hours before the ceremony to allow adequate time for pre-ceremony activity:

    • Collection of your academic dress (your gown and mortarboard)
    • Graduation photography available 2 hours before your rehearsal
  • Attend the rehearsal

    It’s essential that you attend your rehearsal. If you miss this, you will not be able to attend the ceremony

  • Your Guests

    While you are busy getting prepared, guests can relax with a stroll around the venue, grab a coffee in one of the local cafes or take a seat in the designated waiting area.

    Unfortunately, guests cannot accompany graduates in the academic dress area, however guests are welcome to attend photography.

  • Graduation Booklet

    All attendees will receive a graduation booklet with your name and award(s) listed.

    There will also be a downloadable PDF of the booklet available on our Graduation webpages.

Post Ceremony Activity