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Pre-Ceremony Day

Check your email for your personalised graduate itinerary.

Ceremony Day

  • Check-in 2 hours before

    You must arrive 2 hours before the ceremony to allow adequate time for pre-ceremony activity:

    • Collection of your academic dress (your gown and mortarboard)
    • Graduation photography available 2 hours before your rehearsal
  • Attend the rehearsal

    It’s essential that you attend your rehearsal. If you miss this, you will not be able to attend the ceremony

  • Your Guests

    While you are busy getting prepared, guests can relax with a stroll around the venue, grab a coffee in one of the local cafes or take a seat in the designated waiting area.

    Unfortunately, guests cannot accompany graduates in the academic dress area, however guests are welcome to attend photography.

  • Graduation Booklet

    All attendees will receive a graduation booklet with your name and award(s) listed.

    There will also be a downloadable PDF of the booklet available on our Graduation webpages.

Post Ceremony Activity