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On successful completion of your course you are provided with a certificate (often referred to as a parchment) to verify your award. 

The certificate contains your name, the type of award (certificate, diploma, degree), the subject of study and the classification of the award (if appropriate).

Your name

Your name will be included on your award certificate in the format, first name, middle names, surname. 

The name used will be the full legal name which you confirmed as correct when you registered for your course or subsequently completed the Online Graduation process.

Title such as Mr, Mrs, Dr etc are not included and initials are not permitted. If any have been included, then we will remove them before the parchment is printed.

The name that appears on your certificate should be the same as that on your birth, adoption or marriage certificate as appropriate. Using a different version of your name may cause difficulties later on in proving that the certificate is yours.

Once your certificate has been issued it is not possible to amend your name. Your certificate is a legal document to which the University's seal has been affixed.

You can check your name at any time by accessing your University record via the Student Portal.

Collecting your certificate

If you attend graduation your certificate will be presented to you as you leave the platform after your award has been conferred.

If you choose not to attend graduation in person your award is conferred in absentia.

If you want your certificate to be sent to you by post then you must request this. A fee of £8 is normally charged for this service.

Alternatively you may collect your certificate in person from your campus Examinations Office.