Graduation certificates

Congratulations on successfully completing your course. You will receive your award certificate by post in August.

All academic qualifications are awarded by the University Senate which is continuing to meet and to make all necessary decisions.

Although the graduation ceremonies have been postponed, all students who have successfully completed their course will receive their certificate of their degree award and transcript by post in mid to late August.

What you need to do now

To ensure the accuracy of the information on your degree certificate and academic transcript we need you to:

Your Degree Certificate

The degree certificate, is often referred to as a 'parchment' and contains your name, award type (certificate, diploma, degree), your subject of study and the classification of your award (if appropriate).

Your certificate is specially made for you and the University's watermark is evidence of an official legal document.

Why it is important to check your name on Banner

The name that appears on your certificate should be the same as the name displayed on your birth, adoption or marriage certificate as appropriate. Using a different version of your name may cause difficulties later on in proving that the certificate is yours.

What if I need to amend my name following issue of my degree certificate?

Amending your name on your degree certificate is generally not permitted following print as your degree certificate is specially made for you and relies on the information you provided during registration. However, in circumstances where your name has been misspelt and requires a minor amendment, a request for a replacement certificate will be considered. There is a charge of £50 for replacement parchments.

I have not received my Degree Certificate, what should I do?

If you have not received your degree certificate by the end of August, please contact the Examinations Office on your campus and they will arrange to re-send your certificate. There will be no charge for this service. If, however, you provided incorrect information to include any of the following a £50 charge will apply:

  • You provided an incorrect postal address
  • You have changed address without informing the University
  • You notified us outside the expected delivery period that you had not received the documentation.

All requests after the end of September 2020 will be subject to a £50 charge.