Global Partnerships

Become a partner with Ulster University

Welcoming students from all over the world and sending our own to study abroad we are an internationally focused university with four distinct campuses across Northern Ireland

From renowned teaching inspired by world-class research, to first class resources and facilities, all within an inclusive, supportive learning environment, we place ambition at the heart of everything we do to ensure our students excel and unleash their full potential.

Why partner with us?

  • Combine individual strengths to realise collective educational benefits through research, funding and grants
  • Achieve shared objectives and challenges with a genuine and active contribution from Ulster University
  • Create global opportunities for your students, preparing them for the international marketplace (including a two year post study work visa)
  • We have a robust evaluation and approval process for all partnership work, ensuring successful and sustainable partnerships
  • We have close partnerships with our local communities and industries giving your students and researchers an enriched civic experience
  • A fantastic opportunity for peer learning and teaching

How you can partner with us

  • Study Abroad and Summer School

    Give your students the opportunity to study abroad at Ulster University for one semester or a year.

    We can also partner with you to send our students to your institution.

    Alternatively give your students the opportunity to study at Ulster University for a short Summer School.

    Students can study a wide range of subjects for up to two weeks. We will arrange the programme of learning, accommodation, and give your students a flavour of life and learning in Northern Ireland, UK.


    • Boost your offering to students
    • Give your students the opportunity to experience life and learning at another university
    • Increase your international students diversifying your student body

    Read our success stories

  • Articulation

    Partner with us to offer your students a pathway into studying courses at Ulster, leading to a degree from Ulster University.

    We offer different articulation models, including 1+3, 2+2, 3+1, depending on the most viable option for your institution and students.


    • Students gain a qualification from a top university
    • Recruit students to your university on a pathway to a UK degree
    • Students have the option to avail of the two year Post Study Work Visa and remain in the UK with employment for two years after completion of their degree at Ulster University.

    Success story

    We have partnered with Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE), China since 2003, offering students a pathway to complete their degrees at Ulster University.

    Pathways include

    • BSc (Hons) Accounting
    • BSc (Hons) Financial & Investment Analysis
    • BSc (Hons) Business Studies
    • BSc (Hons) Economics.

    Students complete two years of study at DUFE, followed by two years at Ulster University, UK, graduating with a degree from Ulster University.

    Find out more about our partnership with Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE).

  • Professional and organisational development

    Get consultancy and professional service support through our continued professional education provision, expertise and knowledge sharing. We can develop bespoke courses for your staff and organisation, sharing our best practice and expertise in a range of fields.


    • Boost the delivery of your educational provision through bespoke training in a range of subjects
    • Boost your organisational development through sharing best practice with us
    • Boost knowledge sharing in your region

    Success story

    We have partnered with the Association for Academic Quality (AFAQ) to offer teachers from Pakistan both accredited and non-accredited week-long courses on School Leadership.

    Teachers examine the significance and meaning of leadership through four leadership competencies, aiming to improve communication effectiveness, resilience, problem-solving, develop decisiveness, strategic thinking and leadership and conflict resolution.

    The learning is also supported through visits to a range of school environments in Northern Ireland, where participants experience educational leadership in practice.

Opportunities in your home country

  • Franchised courses

    We design courses to be taught and delivered by our partner institutions.

    Our partner institutions teach and deliver Ulster University courses at their own institutions.

    Colleagues at our partner institutions are supported by Ulster University staff, who supply course content and relevant supporting materials.


    • Offer students an Ulster University award at your institution
    • Deliver courses designed by staff at Ulster University
    • Fully supported by Ulster University staff through the implementation and delivery stages
  • Validated courses

    We validate courses taught and delivered by our partner institutions, leading to an Ulster University award.

    Our partner institutions teach and deliver courses which are validated by Ulster University, leading to an award from Ulster University. Colleagues at our partner institutions are supported throughout the validation process.


    • Work with Ulster University to design your courses equivalent to an Ulster University award
    • Offer students an Ulster University award at your institution
    • Fully supported by Ulster University staff through the validation process
  • Joint courses

    We work with one or more partners to jointly offer courses to students.

    Collaborate with Ulster University to deliver part of an award at your institution.

    We work with one or more partners to jointly design and deliver courses to students, leading to a joint award from Ulster University and our partner institutions.


    • Offer students a unique joint award from Ulster University, as well as your institution
    • Opportunity to work collaboratively with peers at Ulster University to create a unique course
    • Students get the opportunity to avail of the two year post-study work visa for completing an award at Ulster University.
  • Outcentre

    Ulster University delivers all or part of their courses at another institutions or organisation premises.


    • Offer students in your home region an Ulster University award
    • Opportunity to work with peers from Ulster University, based at your institution
    • Increase your students international experience through interaction with Ulster University staff
  • Affiliate college

    An Affiliate College offers Ulster University franchised courses.

    Courses are taught by staff in your home country, and students gain an Ulster University award. Staff at an Affiliate College are supported by and work in close collaboration with the relevant Faculties at Ulster University.

    Our academic and professional support staff at Ulster University will guide you through each stage of becoming an Affiliate College of Ulster University, from conducting due diligence, validation to signing a Memorandum of Recognition.


    • Boost higher education provision in your region
    • Offer Ulster University courses in your region
    • Provide students with unique learning experience
    • Student avail of local networks, with employers etc. maintain networks in addition to gaining a UK award

    Success stories

    Shaanxi University of Science and Technology

    Situated in Shaanxi Province in Northern China, Ulster College offers Chinese students Ulster University’s undergraduate programmes in the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Technology with Design and Computer Science.

    Courses have a focus on practical skills, informed by research, employer feedback and professional body standards to ensure Ulster College students will graduate with industry-ready skills to secure a graduate job.

    Students studying at Ulster College will also have the option to complete part of their degree at Ulster University’s Belfast or Jordanstown campuses.

    City College Qatar

    We have partnered with City College, a vocational higher education institution in Doha. As an affiliate College of Ulster University, City College aims to increase higher education provision in the Middle East through the delivery of Ulster University Business courses and specialist diplomas.

    The international collaboration delivers a portfolio of Ulster University’s undergraduate and Masters programmes to students in Doha studying Business Studies and International Business from September 2019.

  • Research

    Every day our cutting-edge research and innovation is making a difference to thousands of people and their communities.  Collaborating with industry to make a real-world impact, our world-class researchers and academics our constantly making discoveries and advances, that our transforming the economy and society.

    Each year we spend over £45 million on research, ensuring we stay at the forefront of innovation whilst addressing significant challenges from working towards cutting edge treatments for pancreatic cancer to solving the global challenge of clean water.

    Let’s work together and elevate our discoveries.


    • Work collaboratively with our world-renowned experts
    • Utilise expertise in specific subject areas
    • Benefit from our fantastic research facilities

    Find out more about our internationally recognised research.