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Doctoral Research at ASPS

The School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences (ASPS) is a world-leading centre of excellence for applied research that examines complex policy and public service dilemmas facing modern societies. ASPS has developed an international reputation for:

  • Pioneering theoretical ideas that change the way in which policy, governance, criminology and social work are conceptualised.
  • Developing cutting-edge research methodologies which produce unique, internationally significant data-sets.
  • Designing a range of innovative analytical tools that help reform and guide social practice.
  • Disseminating research outputs to a range of stakeholder groups in order to strengthen, and critically reflect upon, policy and practice.

What type of research do we supervise at ASPS?

ASPS welcomes applicants interested in social policy, criminology and justice, public policy and government, social work, and youth and community studies.

How do I make an application to register as a doctoral candidate at ASPS?  There are three pathways to register as a doctoral researcher at ASPS:

Internal Competition for PhD Scholarship at ASPS

The Northern Ireland and North-East Doctoral Training Partnership of the Economic and Social Research Council (NINE-ESRC)

Self-Funded PhDs at ASPS