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Get the best value out of waste resources

Warp It is part of Ulster’s ‘Climate Smart’ environmental sustainability engagement initiative.  Find, give away, or loan office furniture, equipment and other resources.

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About Warp It

What is Warp It?

Warp It is a furniture and resource redistribution network that initially enables registered users to donate or loan resources across the campus.

Warp It is an eBay/Freecycle style online marketplace that will make redistributing resources more convenient and easier to manage.

Warp It provides the opportunity for equipment reuse, where the value is less than £1000, excluding electrical goods that are already recycled through separate WEEE collections.

The system is designed to make it easy for employees to transfer surplus work items to other individuals inside the University or alternatively for personal use at home.

A combination of space and time pressures and the lack of easy communication tools are the main reasons why items are not recycled as often as they could be.

Warp It makes the transfer of ownership quick and easy by improving communications.

Key Benefits of Warp It

  • The online portal makes sharing resources easy which encourages better asset use, management and control.
  • Each transaction is recorded and monitored and every participant is registered. This means that all waste, liability and legal concerns are met.
  • Carbon, recycling and financial information on each transaction is recorded which allows the generation of management reports, important for carbon and financial reporting.
  • Less waste sent to Landfill.
  • Less carbon generated in the production of new resources.

Using Warp It

  • Items that can be reused through Warp It
    • Furniture
    • Fixtures and fittings
    • Office consumables (such as stationery and ink jet cartridges)
    • Supplies and equipment that are in good and safe working order

    Items excluded from this process are Electrical and Computer equipment. Subscribers must abide by the terms and conditions.

    Please note, items with a FAR number must be redeployed/ disposed of in accordance with the ‘Fixed Asset Register User Procedures’ requirements.

  • Register and Login

    Log on to  and register to set-up an account, have a browse and ‘claim’ any items you would like for internal/ university use or upload any items you no longer have use for.

    Items that remain unclaimed will be released for ‘personal use’.  You can also create a ‘wishlist’, and receive a daily/weekly ‘roundup’ email of available items, that you might be interested in.

  • Uploading equipment to Warp It

    University staff members upload the information about the equipment they are donating.

    The upload process is very easy (see the guidance document).

    You must obtain permission from your line manager before either contributing or claiming items via Warp It.

  • After listing an item on Warp It, how long do I have to keep it in situ?

    A minimum of four weeks if possible – if you cannot store the item for this time period please contact the campus Facilities Services Manager to see if alternative storage is available.

  • Claiming unwanted resources for internal/University use

    The unwanted item should be posted on Warp It for internal/ university use only for a minimum period of two weeks.

    During this time, staff can claim the item for use in their area.

    Please review the Warp It process flow for further details.

  • Unwanted resources that are not claimed for internal/ University use

    If the item is not claimed for internal/ university use after a period (a minimum of two weeks) of advertisement on the portal, it will be available for a further period (a minimum of two weeks) both for university use and for staff to claim for ‘personal use’.

    Staff can claim the item for personal use by paying a small donation to the Student Hardship Fund via PayPal and then arranging with the donor to collect the item and take it home.

    Personal use claimants must complete a personal use form and give a copy of the form to the donor prior to taking the item home.

    Please review the Warp It process flow for further details.

  • What does the claimant need to do once they receive the claimed item?

    The claimant should log back into the system and mark the item as ‘collected’.  This is the case for both internal/ university use and home use.

  • What happens if unwanted resources are not claimed for university use or home use?

    All unclaimed items (i.e. expired items) must either be re advertised or deleted from the system by the donor.

    Where any unclaimed items are to be deleted from the system and require collection and disposal, the donor should make the necessary arrangements via the Estates Services Helpdesk, via the staff portal, in the normal manner.

  • Trading personal goods

    Staff may not trade their own personal goods on the system.

  • Items which are broken, soiled or have missing parts?

    Please dispose of heavily soiled or faulty items in normal manner.

Transferring items

Warp It savings

  • The financial savings of Warp It

    Each item is given an average replacement value using public sector contract prices.

    Each item is also given a waste disposal financial value.

  • The reuse/recycling rate/weight

    An average weight is given to each item using established references.

    Every transaction/ item that is reused is added to the running reuse total which is measured in KG.

  • The carbon emissions savings of items transferred

    Every item transferred saves on carbon emissions because a new item does not have to be purchased.

    Each item is given carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) value (KG) using established references and methods.