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Submit a request

In the Estates Helpdesk, submit a request from the 'Service finder / Report a fault' list. There are a variety of options available.


Visitor cards

Minor Improvements



New Keys

Pests removal

Waste removal

Car park booking

More information on services

Report a Fault

In the Estates Helpdesk, report a fault from the 'Service finder / Report a fault' list.

  • Building

    Select 'Building fault'.


    • Faulty door
    • Faulty window
    • Loose floor covering
  • Electrical

    Select 'Electrical fault'.


    • Faulty lights
    • Faulty lift
    • Faulty fire alarm
  • Plumbing fault / Ventilation Issues

    Select 'Plumbing fault/ Ventilation issues'.


    • Faulty tap
    • Gas smell
    • Blocked toilet

Log in to Estates Helpdesk

Staff with an E code or A code can access the helpdesk (Planon).

Log in with your UU username and password.

Log in to Planon

Access on Campus or with remote access

Planon can only be accessed while on campus or remotely via your own desktop if you have Checkpoint or RDWeb.

Contact Service desk if you need Checkpoint or RDWeb installed.

Web client Instance

If you are asked to select a web client, choose the below option:

  • Web client - Best practise

No options after log in

If you do not see any options to submit requests, click on the Gear icon on the top right-hand side which will pop down a selection menu.

Select ‘Service Finder’ and ‘Meeting Room’ so you can now submit Estates Services requests and book a meeting room by clicking the blue + sign.

These tiles will be visible on your page when you login again to request any of the services provided.

In this section

Visitor card image

Visitor card

How to request a visitor card.

Faulty door image

Faulty door

How to report a faulty door.

Portering image


Collect and deliver items to another campus or within the same campus.