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The Future4UU Skills Programme enables you to engage with a range of different online skill development masterclasses. You will engage with one masterclass at a time and will then access a gamification focused digital escape room.

You must undertake two for EDGE accreditation.

In order to get EDGE accreditation you must:

  1. Attend the live webinar
  2. Complete the Digital Escape Room given for each skill (the link for this is given at the end of your live webinar & in email afterwards, but only to those who attended)
  3. Send TWO completed certificates as an attachment in 1 email to

Creative problem solving

This topic is best suited to 2nd or final year students

You will learn about:

  • Understanding the problem
  • The creative process
  • Fresh thinking
  • Creative techniques

Please note that this webinar will not be recorded, live attendance only to count as part of EDGE accreditation! The Careers Team are looking forward to seeing you at this session, please do join in the online activities and chat box.

Please remember to use Google Chrome for this webinar.

Event info

This event has ended

Wednesday 10 April

2.40pm to 3.40pm

Employability & Graduate Futures