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Many students are unsure about their career direction and that is normal. As the world of work is changing on a global scale, there are many new and existing job roles which students need to be aware of to ensure they make informed decisions throughout their employability journey.

Design your career journey will help you proactively explore your career path and critically, it will help you identify actions that will help you take control of your career journey.

Following this initial webinar and the activities to gain EDGE Award accreditation students will be able to:

  • Acknowledge the importance of career ownership and career planning through the development of a visual map
  • Identify and articulate their own career goals and ambitions through researching relevant industries and sectors - Create a structured, creative and focused plan for an online presentation
  • Effectively present and adopt professional standards in an online context
  • Appreciate the importance and role of body language and personal projection in delivering an effective online presentation - Develop self-motivation, confidence and self esteem

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This event has ended

Monday 17 January

2pm to 3pm