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Admissions information

If you have met the conditions of your offer you should check on UCAS Track that we have confirmed your offer.

If you have not met the conditions of your offer, a decision is pending and your results will be considered once A level results are published.

If you need advice on your application you should contact the relevant faculty:

Faculty of Arts:

All campuses 028 7012 4391

Faculty of Art, Design and the Built Environment:

Jordanstown 028 9036 6521
Belfast 029 9536 6310

Faculty of Computing and Engineering:

All campuses 028 9036 6305

Faculty of Social Sciences

Jordanstown 028 9036 6184
Magee 028 7167 5403

Faculty of Life and Health Sciences:

All campuses 028 7167 5027

Ulster University Business School:

Jordanstown/Belfast 028 9036 6351
Coleraine/Magee 028 7012 3259