Finally! We're ready to share.

While working behind the scenes during lockdowns, we revisited how we wanted to showcase creativity to the public at large.

We are now Ulster Presents - showcasing the next generation of local talent and partnering with the wider sector to bring some of the best work available from around the world to local audiences.

Our first season of work is a very exciting one for us.

A New Art Gallery for Belfast

Our new campus brings a new art gallery to the city.

Our opening exhibition in Belfast will host work by the incomparable rebel and trouble-making artist, Jamie Reid. This exhibition will showcase his work beyond punk fame through decades creatively supporting movements for social justice and change. You can find out more at Taking Liberties!

We are continuing to work in partnership with Ulster Museum and Belfast City Council for another edition of Art Unwrapped over the Christmas period and our forthcoming new year season of exhibitions is already developing work with three local artists on major new exhibitions.

Globally Acclaimed Compagnie XY Visit Derry-Londonderry

An illustration of a group of people, bodies stretching out in a circle to form a mound from which they hold up three people standing on each others shoulders as a towerWe have partnered with IWM 14-18 NOW Legacy Fund on a major art commission to mark the centenary of the Belfast 'Good Friday' Agreement.

In Your Space Circus and Circusful are working with one of the best contemporary circus companies in the world - from France, Compagnie XY. This opportunity is the result of many years hard work to make this project possible and it is incredibly exciting to bring  Compagnie XY to the island of Ireland for the first time.

This is a special project, best experience as a surprise so, we don't want to say too much. You may want to follow our social media channels to be kept informed of activity during week commencing 5th September in Derry City. All we can reveal now is at Les Voyages - Derry City

On Demand at Ulster Presents

Riverside Theatre is back after many days left with the 'ghost light' on through lockdown - revisit our c.3min short films by John Patrick Higgins celebrating the value of theatre, and featuring an incredible set of performances by Nicky Harley.

And you can watch the fascinating series of Difficult Conversations exploring the role of the artist in a polarised society, developed in partnership with the University of Canberra and British Council.


You will find other exhibitions and events on each of our campuses will be regularly updated at our website.

Do keep in touch and we look forward to seeing you at our events.