Elise Ketelaars

Title of Project

The European Union’s support for gender justice in societies in transition during the era of securitization: a feminist institutionalist perspective

Other information

Elise Ketelaars holds a bachelor's degree in law and a master's degree in Legal Research from Utrecht University, in the Netherlands. In the course of her undergraduate studies she minored in Islamic studies and took courses at Bilgi University in Istanbul, Turkey. Her master's research was mainly focused on gender and human rights. During her studies Elise worked for the European Network of Legal Experts in the Field of Gender Equality and the Dutch Association of Women and Law. She has also completed internships at the Dutch Refugee Council, and the Rule of Law department of the Dutch Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia, during which she specialised on judicial reform within the context of EU accession negotiations. Her PhD research examines the interaction between feminist institutional advocacy for gender justice and securitisation discourse within an EU external relations context. It draws on feminist theory in the field of international law, international relations, and feminist institutionalism (FI), and employs a qualitative research methodology. It has an embedded case study design which uses EU relations with Tunisia and Ukraine as case studies.