Danielle Gallagher PhD Student

Transitional Justice Institute
 Picture of Danielle   Gallagher

Danielle Gallagher’s project, ‘Engendering Justice? A feminist exploration of the relationship between trafficked persons and the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland’ explores how gender affects access to justice for victims of human trafficking. She aims to foreground the experience of trafficked persons in the relevant academic discourse, to further the study of gendered victimology in this area, to produce the empirical data necessary to shape the agenda of future policy changes surrounding the issue of trafficking and access to justice, and to develop creative research methodologies to better serve marginalised groups.

Prior to beginning her PhD research in 2019, Danielle graduated from Ulster University’s LLB Law and Criminology programme with first class honours. She has undertaken research for the Department of Justice into Access to Justice, for Family Mediation NI into alternative dispute resolution, and with both Mercy Global Action (trafficking) and Mercy International Association (heritage). She has previously trained in both fine art (Belfast Met, 2012), and theatre (Lancaster University, 2004-05). In her ‘spare’ time she is the artistic director of a site-specific theatre company, Escapade, whose focus is foregrounding gender and political issues through the works of Shakespeare.