Nisan Alici PhD Student

Transitional Justice Institute
 Picture of Nisan   Alici

Nisan’s project is on ‘Transitional Justice in an Ongoing Conflict: A victim-survivor centered analysis of TJ mechanisms in the context of the Kurdish Conflict’. She holds a Master’s degree in International Conflict and Security from the University of Kent and a BA in Political Science and International Relations from Boğaziçi University, Istanbul where she was born and raised.

She has been working as a researcher in Demos Research Center for Peace, Democracy and Alternative Politics since 2015. Prior to this, Nisan worked in the Turkish Parliament as a political advisor when there was a peace process going on. Thanks to her engagement with peace-related policy work and her close ties with the Kurdish community and peace activists during that time; she decided to work academically on peace, gender, conflict transformation, and transitional justice. Her PhD project focuses on the prospects for applying transitional justice mechanisms during ongoing conflicts, with a particular focus on the victims and survivors of the Kurdish conflict.