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Travelling to or from the University for work, study or business, using public transport  has many benefits including:

  • Less cars on the road, thereby reducing congestion and  pollution through fewer exhaust emissions.
  • Reduced stress when travelling as you do not need to worry  about traffic and parking.
  • Increased exercise if you walk or cycle to/from the bus and  train stations.

The vast majority of public transport in Northern Ireland is provided by Translink, who offer various products across their bus & rail  services to encourage use.

Click on your relevant category below for further information  on the products available from Translink.

  1. Staff
  2. Students

Journey Planner

Plan your journey up to 28 days in advance for rail or bus services.

Timetables and routes

Find timetables and routes for all rail and bus services.

Park and Ride

Find out information about Park and Ride.