Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EVs) benefit the environment by reducing carbon emissions and are also much more cost effective to run compared to petrol or diesel cars.

EV charging points are available at Coleraine and Magee campuses to support those staff, students and visitors who have switched to the more sustainable transport mode of electric cars while also assisting the University’s drive to reduce carbon emissions.

Additional EV charging points will also be provided in the Frederick St car park as part of the Greater Belfast Development.

Charging Point Locations

The following sites are available for staff and students to charge their EVs around the University:

Charging Point Locations
Coleraine 2No. charging bays car park 1
Coleraine 2No. charging bays car park 12
Magee 2No. charging bays car park 1

Getting Started

  • First register at the EvCharge website 
  • Confirm registration by accepting terms and conditions on the emailed link automatically sent after registration.
  • Login for the first time and top up some credit
  • Email sustainability@ulster.ac.uk to be invited to join the Ulster University User Group

Using Charging Points

  • Use phone’s web browser to log in to the EvCharge website
  • Select ‘Use a Charging Point’ icon on the website dashboard
  • Enter the ID number of the desired charging point (located on the charge point name plate e.g. UKEV0716)
  • Follow the website instructions and the guidance in the user manual to set the desired charging time and begin charging

By using charging points staff agree to the University terms and conditions.