Cycling at Ulster University

Cycling continues to grow in popularity and we all know the benefits; it’s cheap, great for the environment and really is good for you.

Ulster University has a staff and student cycling community with hundreds staff and students regularly travelling to campus by bike.

The University aims to encourage more staff and students to travel by bike and offers a range of facilities and incentives for current or potential cyclists.

The information below provides a summary of:

  • Cycle Parking Locations
  • Shower Facilities
  • Locker Facilities &
  • Cycle to work scheme

Check out Sustrans on tips to make sure your bike is safe to ride and how to make your journeys active, healthy and sustainable.

Cycling Parking Locations

The following sites are available for staff and students to secure their cycles around the University:

Cycling Parking Locations Belfast
Belfast Block   BA - York Street
Belfast Block BA -   Academy Street
Cycling Parking Locations Coleraine
Coleraine Blocks   A, B & C - South Buildings
Coleraine Block E -   Catering
Coleraine Block   G - G2 Science Block
Coleraine Block J - Tower
Coleraine Block   L - Car Park 4
Coleraine Block R -   Residences
Coleraine Block   U - Teaching Block
Coleraine Block W - CMB   Building
Coleraine Block   Y - SAAD Building
Coleraine Podium Steps (available Autumn 2017)
Cycling Parking Locations Jordanstown
Jordanstown Block   5 - Entrance
Jordanstown Block 11 - Sports   Centre Entrance
Jordanstown Block   13 - Library
Jordanstown Block 17 -   Physical Resources Entrance
Jordanstown Block   26 - Car Park 5
Jordanstown Block 27 - Fire   SERT Building
Jordanstown Blocks   24 & 48 - Courtyard Residences
Jordanstown Dalriada Complex,   Car Park 11
Jordanstown Car   Park 2 - Coach Parking
Cycling Parking Locations Magee
Magee Block MC - Side   Entrance
Magee Block   ME - Back Entrance
Magee Block MF -   Opposite Student Union
Magee Block MG - Beside Jitters Cafe
Magee Block   MM - Library
Magee Block MS -   Computing Intelligence Systems Building

Covid-19 restrictions

Showers currently unavailable due to Covid-19 restrictions

Shower Facilities

The University provides shower and changing facilities to encourage employees to cycle and walk to work, as a sustainable alternative to the private car.

Facilities are available in the following areas:

Belfast shower facilities
Building Locations Facilities Available
Block BA
Ground Floor
Main Toilet Block beside Academy
1 Male & 2 Female Showers
Block BA
Cycle Hub

1 lockable unisex changing room


Coleraine shower facilities
Building Locations Facilities Available
Block I
First Floor
1 x Male/ 1 x Female Shower
(I109 & I110 via I108)
Block J
Cycle Hub

2 lockable unisex shower and changing rooms
(J009 & J010- via J011)

Block U
Ground Floor

1 x Male/ 1 x Female Shower
(U004 & U005)

Block X

1 x Male/ 1 x Female Shower
(X042 & X043)

Sports Centre Male/ Female Showers
Sports Pavilion Male/ Female Showers
Jordanstown shower facilities
Building Locations Facilities Available
Sports Centre Male/ Female Showers
Magee shower facilities
Building Locations Facilities Available
Sports Centre Male/ Female Showers
Block MG
Cycle Hub

2 lockable unisex shower and changing rooms
(MG116D & MG116E)

Block MU
Ground Floor

1 x Male/ 1 x Female Shower
(U003 & U005)

Cycle Hubs

Dedicated cycle hubs, comprising locker storage, shower and changing and cycle parking, are available for FREE* on the Belfast, Coleraine and Magee campuses.

Each Hub is access controlled, with applications for their use made via

Once your application has been received you will be notified by email and arrangements made for you to have your staff/student card activated to allow access to the controlled area.

Although each Hub is access controlled, cycles must be secured to the hoop in the cycle store room.  It is recommended that the cycle lock used is minimum Sold Secure Bronze standard.

When entering and leaving the compound please be aware of people 'tailgating' and gaining entry to the compound without using an authorised staff or student card.

*Access to Cycle Hubs is FREE for 2019/20 as part of a one year trial – sign up now at

Terms and Conditions

  1. Access Control Cycle Storage is available for Students and Staff.
  2. Access Controlled cycle parking does not mean secure. Individuals park cycles at their own risk.
  3. The University does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to cycles parked, whether in locked or unlocked facilities.
  4. Space in facilities will be offered on a strictly first come first served basis.
  5. Entry to access controlled cycle areas will require your staff/student card to be activated, and access is limited to personal use.
  6. Breach of these terms and conditions may result in the facility being withdrawn and/or disciplinary action.

Belfast by Bike

The Belfast Bikes scheme have a docking station at the Belfast Campus which is one of 33 docking stations located across the city centre.

The public hire bikes provide a low cost, convenient way to travel about. Register as a casual user or annual subscriber and the first 30 minutes of each trip is free!