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Sharing your car journey to work with colleagues is a great way of reducing travel costs and car parking charges, reducing parking pressures as well as reducing congestion and pollution.

The university has its own dedicated car share scheme which is part of the UK wide Liftshare network.

The purpose of the scheme is to assist staff members and students in finding others with similar journeys to car share, thereby reducing associated costs and environmental impact.

Using the scheme is easy, click on the link below and follow the steps to register and find colleagues with similar journey patterns.

Car Sharer Parking Permit

You can also register as a car sharer on the University’s car parking management system to share the costs of a permit, thereby realising further savings.

Registering however would be most suited to those who car share on a regular basis, as the system only allows one of those sharing a journey to use their activated staff/student ID cards to gain entrance and exit to the University car parks on a daily basis.
This is explained further in section 11 in the following link: