The Library has subscribed two new e-resources: Digimap and MarketLine.  Both e-resources are available now via the Library Databases page.


Digimap is an online map and data delivery service, offering a number of data collections including Ordnance Survey, historical, geological, LiDAR and marine maps & spatial data.

  • Create or interrogate a map online by selecting an appropriate base map, adding annotations and customising the content
  • Use measurement and query tools to learn more about any study area
  • Download the raw spatial data in a wide range of formats for use in local GIS, CAD or image processing software


MarketLine provides anytime access to a unique & exclusive mix of company, industry, country, city and financial data.

MarketLine offers a unique, data-driven, human-led, technology-powered approach that creates the trusted, actionable, and forward-looking intelligence needed to predict the future and avoid blind-spots.  It provides easy access to deep, sector-specific intelligence, real-time news, powerful analytics, and time-saving workflow and collaboration tools, fully-integrated into a world-class Intelligence Centre.

Specific aspects of this resource include:

  • Market Data & Insights
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Macroeconomic Indicators
  • Real-time Intelligence

Full details of all our databases and e-resources can be found on the Library Databases page.