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The Library has subscribed to Pidgeon Digital, a series of archive tape/slide talks intended to share the thinking of leading members of the architecture & design profession.  Pidgeon Digital is now available via the Library Databases page.

More details:

Monica Pidgeon was the editor of the influential magazine Architectural Design for more than three decades, from the mid-1940s to the 70s, and during her tenure this radical journal brought the work of seminal architects to the attention of the wider architectural world. In his obituary for Monica, Dennis Sharp described it as "a journal you could not afford to miss".

The original collection was created by Monica in 1979. This took the form of a series of tape/slide talks, each consisting of an audio-cassette, and corresponding time-coded colour slides. Monica wanted to widen the horizons of students of architecture and design by giving them the opportunity to share the thinking of world leading members of the profession to whom they might not otherwise have access. She believed that being able to hear the actual voices of the designers of buildings, and listen to their ideas in their own words was extremely important.

Monica joined forces with Stephen Albert and World Microfilms who successfully published and distributed the collection worldwide for over 25 years under the banner of "The Pidgeon Audiovisual Collection".

In order to preserve this valuable archive and make it more widely available Stephen had the idea to digitise the talks and in 2006 "Pidgeon Digital" was born. The talks are shown as online presentations, which are fully searchable for use by the wider architecture and built environment community.

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