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The Library has subscribed to Osmosis, an all-in-one health education platform.  Osmosis is now available via the Library Databases page.

Osmosis is a powerful learning and teaching platform for medical, nursing, and health professional programs.  Faculty members can use Osmosis to support flipped classrooms, increase collaboration and promote adaptive, self-guided study to improve learning outcomes.

Key features of Osmosis include:

  • Concise, visually-engaging, expert-reviewed videos, simplifying simplify complex concepts.
  • Flashcards that enhance memory retention, complemented by the daily practice quizes.
  • Printable High-Yield Notes offer quick summaries in pathology, physiology, pharmacology and other basic sciences topics.  Nursing Med Tables cover major medications and pharmacologic therapies.
  • Thousands of board-style questions prepare you for exams and the customizable Quiz Builder helps you stay on track.
  • Learn on-the-go with the Osmosis mobile app and view flashcards, videos and High-Yield notes anytime & anywhere.

Full details of all our databases and e-resources can be found on the Library Databases page.