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"Can digital technology help to improve my mental health and wellbeing?"

Supported by MENHIR project and HSC/Public Health Agency's R&D Division Co-located with Digital Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference Promoted & organised by Action Mental Health & Pneuma Healthcare.

This is a free event for the public to discuss and question the digital mental health community in Northern Ireland including academics researching in digital technologies for mental health.

This event is designed to debate and understand the risks, opportunities and benefits that digital mental health may provide. The event is designed to be inclusive and accessible to recognise the need for personal and public involvement and the need to discuss the use of digital mental technologies with intended users and stakeholders.

In addition to accessible talks, participants will be invited to discuss their views on technologies such as chatbots and smart speakers.

This is part of the 1st International Digital Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference being held on the Belfast campus, June 22-23.

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This event has ended

Wednesday 21 June

2pm to 5pm

Conor Lecture Theatre

Photography and Video at event