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This year marks the three hundredth anniversary of the migration of a number of families from the Bann Valley to a new life in North America.

In order to commemorate this, Ulster University shall host a gathering of academic and community writers who shall explore the connections between Ulster and North America. The event will examine three main shared areas of interest between the two places: culture, family and space. It is hoped that this will prompt a re-examination of the impact of literature and ideas, family and genealogy and space and landscape that have shaped the relationship between the two places then and since. This conference is a sister conference of the Maine Ulster Scots Project Ulster Diaspora Reunion and Conference which will be held August 14-16, 2018, in Brunswick Maine at Bowdoin College Campus.

Papers of 20-25 minutes would be accepted on the following themes:

  • Afterlives of 1718
  • Ulster Diaspora
  • Family history, memoirs and correspondence
  • Literatures of Migration and Diaspora
  • Narratives about space, place and landscape
  • Interactions with indigenous peoples
  • Interactions with ‘Yankee’ English/ French on the New England/Quebec frontier.
  • Built environment —skill and tools of Scotch Irish pioneer life.
  • Shipbuilding and the Scotch Irish in Maine.
  • New Insights, reflections on connections Scotland, Ireland and America
  • Culture and memory/ forgetting
  • Ulster-Scots and Scotch-Irish commemorations

Further details can be found at:@HurchinHome Twitter Account

Please send a 200 word abstract of your paper to by April 30th 2018.

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This event has ended

Thursday 28 June to Friday 29 June

Dr Frank Ferguson