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A lecture organised by Irish & Celtic, RI Modern Languages and Linguistics, with Prof Dr Bernhard Maier (University of Tübingen)...

Abstract: The study of pagan Celtic religion - meaning the rituals, cults, and myths of the Celtic-speaking peoples before the advent of Christianity   - was first begun by Greek and Roman ethnographers. It was then revived in the periods of Humanism and Enlightenment, and transformed by the development of Comparative Philology, Celtic Studies and   Comparative Religious Studies in the 19th century. The lecture will try to present an overview of the present state of our knowledge of   Continental Celtic religion in the pre-Roman and Gallo-Roman periods,   paying special attention to the ways in which recent archaeological investigations have tended to question or modify earlier assumptions based on classical texts and traditional patterns of thought and interpretation.

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This event has ended

Tuesday 22 May

2pm to 3pm

Aberfoyle House, Room MI022

Irish & Celtic, RI Modern Languages and Linguistics