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This research event explores issues of performativity in electronic music.

This event is in association with Cultúrlann with support from the Garfield Weston Trust and [HE]arts of STEM, Including talks, workshops in music technology and performances featuring SoundKarD and composer and Professor of Music, Technology and Innovation at De Montfort University, Leigh Landy


This event is FREE and open to the public!

Tues 7 March

4.15 – 5.15 pm, Foyle Arts Building (MQ building), Magee campus

SoundKarD ensemble talk: 'Chamber Explorations'

SoundKarD composer & electronics/sound designer, Duncan MacLeod discusses the trio’s approaches to their work; commissioning for voice/keys/electronics, improvising and notated work, presenting performance with live/fixed electronics.

Wed 8 March

2.00–3.30 pm, Great Hall (MD Building), Magee campus

Prof. Leigh Landy: 'An Unusual Career Path for an Experimental Composer'

3.30–4.30 pm, Great Hall (MD Building), Magee campus

SounDKarD ensemble: workshop and improv performance

4.45–5.15 pm, Great Hall (MD Building), Magee campus

Panel discussion: 'Technology and Expression in Contemporary Music'

Wed 8 March – evening – associated event

Han-earl Park (guitar) and Caroline Pugh (voice)
Wednesday 08 March 2017, 8 pm
The Glassworks (Basement), 33 Great James Street, BT48 7DF
£5 (free to students)

Thurs 9 March

1.15–2.00 pm, Great Hall (MD Building), Magee campus

Lunchtime concert with SounDKarD ensemble

Works, improvisation and new arrangements by Ryoko Akama, Duncan MacLeod, Adam Melvin, Patricia Allessandrini, Amber Priestly and SKD.

8.00 pm – 9.30 pm, Great Hall (MD Building), Magee campus

Spatial Music Collective concert with Prof. Leigh Landy


SoundKarD are soprano Sarah Dacey, pianist Kate Halsall and composer Duncan MacLeod. They have worked together in various guises, including voice and piano, voice and electronics, harpsichord and electronics and as part of Galvanize Ensemble projects, Happenstance and Galvanize for Hack the Barbican. Some performances include The Barbican London, hcmf//, Frontiers Festival, 100 Years Gallery, LV21 Gillingham Pier, Music Orbit, LimeWharf Gallery, UCL, Nexus Art Cafe, sound festival and New Music Series St Ann's Church Manchester. They programme scored/improvised work, alongside existing/flexible repertoire, working with and commissioning composers.

Prof Leigh Landy

Prof. Leigh Landy (Director of the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre at DeMontfort University) is a composer and commentator on experimental and sound–based music. His creative work has seen him collaborate with the late playwright Heiner Müller, the new media artist, Michel Jaffrennou and the composer-performer Jos Zwaanenberg, and was composer–in–residence for the Dutch National Theatre during its first years of existence.

Spatial Music Collective

The Spatial Music Collective is a group of like-minded composers based mainly in Ireland, working in the field of spatial contemporary music and using electronic and acoustic sounds presented over multiple loudspeakers surrounding the audience.  Since 2006, they have been active in presenting new music to diverse audiences in spaces including the National Concert Hall, Contemporary Music Centre, Trinity College Dublin, the Sonic Arts Research Centre (QUB) and various Dublin art galleries.

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This event has ended

Tuesday 7 March to Thursday 9 March

4.15pm to 9.30pm

Foyle Arts Building (MQ building)

Adam Melvin