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This seminar is being hosted as free public lecture and is open to anyone with an interest in this topic...

Lee Cadieux (Cinematic Arts) will present on his collaboration with Prof. Mickey Keenan (Prof. of Behavioural Analysis, Ulster) using 3D modeling software to create example materials for Applied Behavioural Analysis teaching.

In the teaching of Applied Behavioural Analysis, live-action video examples are not always available and neither is it always ethically sound to use real-life videoed case studies for all teaching situations.  Live-action video sequences may be cast, scripted and recorded, but the process is often prohibitively expensive and it is difficult for the therapist to maintain control over the production to ensure the result is fit for purpose.

Poser, an application from software developer Smith Micro, offers users an application for the development of dynamic 3D CGI content that may serve as an enhanced economical alternative over its live-action video counterpart.

Use of the software, when coupled with a knowledge of classical animation technique, can afford users the ability to generate animated scenes of specific behaviours, of a near–photographic realism, whilst maintaining complete (ethically–focused) control over the content developed; something that is often difficult to achieve with live-action video.

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This event has ended

Tuesday 1 May

4.15pm to 5.15pm

MU207 (New Teaching Block)

Lee Cadieux