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Decision making is increasingly a focus of interest for society, media, professions and researchers. The factorial survey is an efficient method for studying individual decisions. A randomised set of vignettes of the decision scenario, each with randomised characteristics, is presented to decision makers to make a familiar type of judgement. Because of the randomisation a larger number of factors, and levels of factors, may be included than in the more common factorial experiment. With the growth of computer technology the possibilities for the method are increasing rapidly. This symposium builds on the work at the University of Ulster in using the factorial survey method to study decision making in health care and social sciences.

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This conference will be a valuable opportunity for those using and interested in factorial surveys to share ideas and develop the method. Further information on ISFS 2014 will be added to our website over the coming months:

A call for abstracts for abstracts will be issued in the autumn. Proposals for oral presentations are welcomed in relation to methodological issues, and posters for completed studies and protocols as well as methods. The structure of sessions will reflect the interests of delegates attending, but is likely to include:

-Identification and presentation of factors for vignettes
- Vignette construction and presentation
- Administration of survey instrument containing randomised vignettes
- Analysis of factorial surveys including randomization
- Linking factorial surveys to models of decision making.

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Thursday 3 July

Templeton Hotel, Templepatrick, Northern Ireland

Mrs Sharon Lucas