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Angela Halliday, Artist Talk, Thursday 28th April 1pm. Conor Lecture Theatre. Belfast School of Art. All Welcome!

Angela Halliday’s work always begins with a desire to film in a specific location. Her work does not involve straightforward documentation of places, but rather the various recorded and researched elements are carefully brought together to consolidate the various meanings a place may have  and to perhaps organise divergent feelings about that particular place.

Her recent work reflects an interest in the representational regime of mainstream cinema, the familial photographic legacy, national identity, place, and class in both contemporary and historical contexts; areas that are primarily explored through the medium of video. Her work does not have a singular style but rather she employs a range of modes that reflect the concerns of a particular work, which may involve anything from a re-enactment of a real contemporary event, to a fictional narrative in a historical mode.

This Lecture Programme is supported by the Development & Alumni Relations Office (Arts & Culture) Ulster University.

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Thursday 28 April


Conor Lecture Theatre