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Excellent communication and media are essential to a healthy society and a vibrant economy. The school's research excellence, high-quality teaching and world-class facilities place us at the forefront of these disciplines.

We blend academic theory with industry skills, enabling our students to develop the knowledge and practical experience to work professionally, creatively and responsibly in the 21st century workplace.

We see communication and media as the heart of many areas of society and industry, and this is reflected in the breadth of subject areas we research and teach: language, counselling, advertising, public relations, media, film, and journalism.

Whatever you choose to study with us, you will learn how to become an accomplished communicator, something that employers consistently place among their top priorities for recruiting new colleagues.

We offer a variety of taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses which are based on our Coleraine, Jordanstown and Belfast campuses, and welcome PhD students in all areas. Our courses are available on a full-time and part-time basis, so there is something suitable for everyone.

The facilities on all campuses have been described by industry inspectors as "amongst the best in the UK." At Coleraine you can work in BBC standard television and radio studios capable of high definition and 4K production. At Jordanstown, you will develop your communication skills in lab settings that allow you to record, reflect on and improve your performance.

Crucially, we see each of our students as an individual. We will get to know you personally, help you fulfil your potential, and provide excellent pastoral support.

Students are taught by both staff who are at the forefront of international research, and by industry professionals who are at the forefront of current industry developments.

Many of our undergraduate courses offer students the opportunity to undertake a work placement. This allows students to see how useful their degree is, and gives them key experience in their chosen field, as well as earning them an additional qualification.

We encourage students to become members of relevant professional bodies. In the Media area our postgraduate programmes are accredited by industry bodies such as the National Council for the Training of Journalists  and Creative Skillset. 

In short, we offer a vibrant and inspirational educational environment that will inform and support you in all your future endeavours.  We look forward to meeting you!