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"We know that vernacular oral narratives are deeply rooted in traditional communities" - In Conversation with Research Alumnus Dr. Maxim Fomin

"We know that vernacular oral narratives are deeply rooted in traditional communities." In Conversation with Research Alumnus Dr. Maxim Fomin, Research Director of Modern Languages and Linguistics Research Unit at the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and

14 September 2020

How we may experience psychosis at some stage in our lives

Opinion: we need to realise that people who experience psychosis are not as 'mad' as we might have thought By Dr Grainne McAnee is a Research Associate at the Bamford Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing at Ulster University. Psychosis is a

7 August 2020

What's the science behind the weather forecast?

How historic data about weather events can tell us about what comes next.

23 July 2020

Why do children get leukaemia?

Analysis: studies suggest that the cause of leukaemia is due to a combination of genetic mutations and exposure to infection By Rachael Wilson, University of Bath and Kyle Matchett, Ulster University. Rachael Wilson is a MSci (Hons) student Natural

29 June 2020

Can technology find an effective cure for dementia?

Opinion: Use of MEG may help identify those at risk of developing dementia, allow earlier disease management and improve quality of life - written by Daman Kaur, a PhD researcher in the School of Biomedical Sciences, Ulster University. Studies have

6 May 2020

What you need to know about anxiety, panic and worrying

Ulster University Research Associate, Dr Rachel Mc Hugh, discusses why we spend too much time worrying about what we can't control and this feeling of not having control feeds into our anxiety. "The thing about anxiety and panic is that it is

27 January 2020

Why are drug-related deaths increasing when they are preventable?

Dr Vanessa Gstrein, Postdoctoral Researcher in the School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences at Ulster University, shares her opinion that a wide range of public health responses, including supervised injecting rooms, have proven effective

25 October 2019

The importance of mental health and wellbeing interventions in sport

Opinion by Dr Gavin Breslin and Professor Gerard Leavey, Ulster University: Sport may be considered a simple hobby, but for devoted athletes, it is an integral aspect of who they are. When challenged to stop or reduce their level of engagement,

10 June 2019

Risk to Play : Is rugby safe for young players ?

Ulster University Senior Lecturer Dr Katie Liston discusses the medical and social dimensions of concussion in sport.

27 May 2019

New Stormont department should be created to tackle sectarianism - Report

An Ulster University study has recommended that a new government department should be created in Northern Ireland to specifically deal with tackling sectarianism. The study says ending the scourge of religious bigotry should top any future

14 May 2019

Why concussion is a lose-lose injury for players

Opinion: research has found that concussion can affect a player's balance, reaction time, multi-tasking and risk of further injury. By Mark Matthews, a Lecturer in Sport Physiotherapy at the School of Sport at Ulster University, and Dr Chris Bleakley

12 April 2019

Are food banks merely a sticking plaster for food poverty?

Opinion: Food banks are a symptom of austerity measures and government inaction which fail to tackle the real causes of food poverty - By Sinéad Furey, Lecturer on the Consumer Management and Food Innovation at Ulster University Business School,

12 February 2019

The link between street art and social protest in our cities

In the latest RTÉ Brainstorm, Ulster University’s Omar El Masri explores the link between street art and social protest. He writes, "Cities display a rich array of street art, from the ubiquitous graffiti writers tagging their names to much

5 February 2019

Brexit and the Northern Ireland Assembly - a case of what if?

Dr Gordon Marnoch writes, "What if there had been an active Northern Ireland Assembly with a power-sharing Executive addressing Brexit issues? This sort of hypothetical question implies we try to explain what didn’t happen. Is this a futile

24 January 2019

Brainstorm on the radio - Episode 1

Listen back to the very first Brainstorm radio show on RTÉ Radio 1. Presented by Fionnuala Sweeney, the first show in the four week series featured Brainstorm contributors: Kevin Curran (Ulster University), Gwen Bouvier (Maynooth University), Mike

4 December 2018

The gender play gap: why aren't more women playing sport?

"Despite the well-known benefits of physical activity, the majority of the population fail to meet current physical activity guidelines. Underlying this statistic is an even more worrying one: women in Ireland are less physically active and report

20 November 2018

The future of museums

Dr Joan Condell from Ulster University's School of Computing & Intelligent Systems shares her opinion on how technology can create digital and virtual animated museums which will help promote the sustainability of our cultural heritage.

25 October 2018

Should schools manage or ban the use of smartphones?

Children’s use of smartphones has been all over the media for months ever since France brought in a ban on smartphone use in schools. Australia and Ireland have recently been debating similar policies. A plethora of reports over the past five

22 August 2018

Increased co-operation between education providers in north west

A memorandum of understanding was signed by Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Donegal Education and Training Board, Ulster University and North West Regional College in Derry, which will see greater movement of students and open up attractive

26 February 2018

Ulster University rises to number 2 in UK PhD rankings for researcher satisfaction

The latest Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES 2021) has placed Ulster University second in the UK for postgraduate researcher satisfaction.

29 July 2021