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About the Faculty of Art, Design and the Built Environment

We are dynamic and creative, the Faculty of Art, Design and the Built Environment is comprised of three schools: Belfast School of Architecture; Belfast School of Art; and the School of the Built Environment.

Our faculty ranges in its subjects as we combine creative industries such as fashion and fine art with practical disciplines of architecture, construction, civil engineering, surveying, property, planning, environmental health and sustainable energy. By doing this we are able to meet the needs of our modern society which demands innovation, creativity and high quality design.

Cutting Edge Creativity

We are cutting edge in both our courses and research, delivering high quality teaching and professionally relevant experience to all of our students.

Our creative industry courses include architecture, product design, fashion, animation and interaction design, this constitutes one the fastest-growing sectors in the UK as it contributes over half a billion pounds each year to the Northern Ireland economy.

The sector has continued to grow significantly in recent years and the Belfast Schools of Architecture and Art are at the forefront in creating innovative and exciting new courses. So this is a key time for those looking at an exciting career in these fields.

The Built Environment

The School of the Built Environment is leading the way in meeting the needs of our communities across public, domestic, commercial and the wider built and natural environments. As our engineers, designers and planners are environmentally conscious about the infrastructure they are creating.

Attention is now turning to using the built environment as a way of encouraging economic recovery. This will require better infrastructure, provision which respects the fragile environment, devising appropriate energy provision and technology in the existing housing stock and ensuring the best standards for sustainable communities and neighbourhoods.

Our courses are developed in close collaboration with practitioners, industry and professional bodies and are strongly research informed to ensure that what you study is relevant.

Prepared for Success

Students from the Faculty of Art, Design and the Built Environment graduate prepared for work; fully-equipped with the knowledge, skills and qualities needed to make a difference to the community they work and live in and with an appetite for success.