Self Awareness & Confidence

Improving your self awareness will lay the foundation for improved confidence, continuous improvement and clearer career direction.

UnLock Your Skills: Self Awareness & Confidence

Self Awareness can be described as how well you know and understand yourself. Your level and depth of self awareness is like your foundation. If it's not where it should be it is hard to get momentum in your career. If you continually work on and maintain your self awareness then you are always moving forward with your development and career.

Your self awareness impacts on everything you do in your career. Your confidence, self development and career decision making are all built on the foundations laid by your self awareness.

Through UnLockU your dedicated advisor will work with you to help you understand your level of self awareness. As you start to develop your self awareness, you can make clearer and more assertive career decisions, you can start to develop new skills and you can improve your self confidence.

What is self awareness and why is it important? What is self awareness and why is it important?

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What is self awareness and why is it important?

How can you improve your self awareness?  How can you improve your self awareness?

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How can you improve your self awareness?

Learning resources

Knowing your strengths- Online self assessment

Understanding your skills and strengths is key to your career development.

Being able to categorise your abilities can help you to more clearly define your working role and your career direction, to celebrate what you are good at, accept the things you are not and appreciate others for their strengths in your areas of weakness.

The purpose of this simple assessment is to allow you to easily assess your own strengths from a broad selection of skills using three dimensions: enjoyment, proficiency and importance (to your current or potential role) and to group them into five categories: prime strengths, untapped strengths, necessary skills, underdeveloped skills and weaknesses:

Strengths Assessment

You can also access a range of other career assessments that will support the development of your self awareness via this link.

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