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In today’s competitive job market, employers are more likely to recruit graduates who have gained work experience alongside their studies. All Ulster students have opportunities to gain work experience while studying.

There are several forms of work experience ranging from part-time or summer work, shadowing, volunteering, insight weeks or employer open days, freelancing, industrial placements and internships.

So finding that perfect graduate job or work experience is no easy task but if you keep an open mind and use all available resources to your full advantage it will be easier than you think.

Year long placement

A Year-long Placement year gives Ulster Students valuable industry-related experience in the third year of a degree programme. Depending on your course Year-long placement may be optional or compulsory. It must be approved by your placement tutor and when you complete the placement successfully, you return to final year and will be awarded a Diploma in Professional Practice (DPP) at graduation.

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Internships & Insights

The benefits of completing an internship are boundless – they provide you with invaluable insights into organisations and help you gain employability skills and make your CV and job applications stand out to employers. No matter what year you are in it’s never too early or late to start thinking about applying for an internship. Check out current opportunities via the link below:

Internships & Insights

Graduate Jobs

One of the questions you may ask about your Graduate Job Search is “Where do I start”?

It doesn’t matter where or how you start, as long as you have the discipline and focus to treat your job search itself like a job – show up prepared, communicate clearly and work well with others, spend the time to get it done, and stand out. You can access graduate job opportunities through our Careers Connect platform.

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Check out our recent webinar recording:

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Campus Jobs

Ulster University is increasing the number of paid, on campus jobs that are open to students. Faculties and departments across the University will be advertising a range of part time, term time and casual opportunities. All opportunities are paid £8.65 per hour and opportunities will be across a range of different areas including events, marketing, administration and much more.

You can keep up to date with Campus Jobs via Recruit and you can also set up weekly email alerts to your preferred email address.

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