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Improve at Interviews

Job Interviews, whether conducted in person or online, are a critical part of your journey to securing the job and career you want. Through this programme and this section, you will be supported to enhance your interview performance, regardless of your starting point. Whether you are a confident interviewee or whether you have never had a interview, our team will provide you with the advice and support that will help you progress and improve your preparation, confidence and interview performance.

In this section, and in the 1-1 consultations you have through this programme, you can look at different aspects of the job interview. These topics can range from your confidence, body language and appearance to how you prepare your answers and make that all important first impression. With video interviews becoming the norm you might also want advice on how you prepare to perform well in a video interview.

Start with listening to the advice below and by reflecting on your previous interviews. Identify areas you think you struggle with in the job interview process in advance of getting the help you need.

Introduction to Job Interviews
Tips for Interview Preparation
Online/Video Interviews
How to project confidence

Learning resources

The following activities and learning resources will support you in improving your approach to Job Interviews:

Abintegro Job Interview Simulator