Open Day Options

Option 1

Option 1

Coleraine Open Day and Belfast Open Day

Benefit -  Free return transport from school to Coleraine Open Day

Option 2

Option 2

Derry~Londonderry Open Day and Belfast Open Day

Benefit - Free return transport from school to Derry~Londonderry Open Day

Option 3

Option 3

Coleraine Open Day and Derry~Londonderry Open Day

Benefit - Free return transport from school to Coleraine and Derry~Londonderry


CPD session at our Coleraine campus entitled “Empowering Inclusion: Addressing Special Educational Needs Today”

Option 4

Option 4

Coleraine Open Day, Derry~Londonderry Open Day and Belfast Open Day

Benefit - Free return transport from school to Coleraine and Derry~Londonderry


CPD session at our Coleraine campus entitled “Empowering Inclusion: Addressing Special Educational Needs Today”


Entry to a prize draw to win £1000 towards sports kit/supplies

Teachers' Seminars

Teachers' Seminars will take place at 11:00 (Belfast and Derry~Londonderry) and 13:00 (Belfast).

*The CPD session in Coleraine will take place at 11:00 and will be in lieu of the Teachers' Seminar.

Register for Open Days

Register for Open Days


Friday 6 September or Monday 9 September


Thursday 12 or Friday 13 September


Friday 20 September
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Open Days Information

  • What do this year’s Open Day package options offer our school?

    Our new 2024 Open Day options packages reflect the uniqueness of our campuses to suit a range of academic and broader interests.

    We will continue to offer full ‘first come, first served’ attendance for Belfast Campus Open Days in 2024. Many of our current students tell us they didn’t take up the opportunity to visit our campuses other than Belfast. For that reason, our options packages this year are designed to encourage schools and pupils to explore 2 or more UU campuses – opening up the opportunities at Coleraine and in Derry~Londonderry.

    By taking advantage of the options package, you can be reassured that your pupils do not miss out on or overlook an opportunity that might best suit their needs, interests and career ambitions.

  • What do Coleraine or Derry~Londonderry campuses offer our pupils?

    From the Atlantic Coast in Coleraine to the city of Derry~Londonderry, Ulster University offers a wealth of opportunities for your students on the North Coast.

    Coleraine will be hugely attractive to your pupils interested in life and health sciences, media, English and History.  Home to geography and environmental science with a world heritage site on our doorstep, Coleraine is a truly campus location offering welcoming student accommodation on site.

    Our Derry~Londonderry campus is at the heart of a vibrant University city, and in recent years has become our centre of excellence for study and learning in medicine and healthcare, offering students the opportunity to learn alongside each other in preparation for the multi-disciplinary teams that are central to healthcare today. In a city renowned for creativity and digital innovation, the campus is also home to cinematic and performing arts, as well as computing and engineering.

  • What does the new package options format offer us in supporting our pupils in their choices?

    Ulster University is a campus-based University offering vibrant learning opportunities delivered through specialist spaces in unique locations across Northern Ireland and meeting the career aspirations of a wide variety of learners with interests in diverse sectors.

    As you support your pupils to make informed choices that best meet their talents, interests and career ambitions, there can be no better way of exploring the breadth of opportunity than by visiting 2 or more of our campuses.

    From the choice of subjects to the learning environment and location, each campus offers a different experience of University life.

  • As we usually encourage our students to attend the Saturday open days at Coleraine and Derry~Londonderry, can our School still avail of the packages?

    We understand how important trusted teachers are in supporting pupils in their choices, particularly in relation to confidence in subject choice. Providing the opportunity for pupils to attend with teachers and careers advisors, our multi-campus Open Day packages also enable your staff and school to benefit from a richer and fuller insight into all that Ulster University has to offer.

    Pupils are most welcome to also attend at the weekend with their families – perhaps focusing a little more on the campus itself, extra-curricular activities and residential life.   There is so much to see and do – all of it playing a part in influencing these important decisions for your pupils and their families.

  • If our pupils are primarily interested in Belfast campus, what is the benefit for us in booking a package that includes Coleraine or Derry~Londonderry?

    We’re delighted that our new Belfast campus is so attractive to your pupils. This wonderful city centre learning space is just part of Ulster University’s wealth of opportunity.

    With different subjects and courses, a unique campus environment and very different locations, each UU campus offers a distinct experience for students considering study at Ulster University.  Our wonderful Belfast campus is just one of three to choose from.

    With our 3 campuses, no matter where your student’s family home is, Ulster University offers the opportunity to experience student life away from home, but still close to home. This means that whether your students want to experience living on campus, or prefer to commute from their family home, UU can provide that experience.

    University life is made up of the course of study, where you live, who you meet, and that hard-to-define atmosphere on campus.  There is no better way for a student to experience this and find out where they feel most at home, than to visit more than one UU campus.

  • Our school is unable to attend more than one open day; can we attend one if booking for multiple groups?

    We appreciate that attendance during the normal school week can be challenging as you deliver your timetabled curriculum but joining us on more than one campus is the richest way to experience all that campus life and learning has to offer.

    It’s an investment in the opportunity for your pupils to continue to thrive in the subjects you have introduced to them.

    By finding out what courses are on offer on each campus you may opt to bring a smaller, more targeted group of students with specific subject interests, requiring fewer colleagues to accompany those pupils and freeing up other staff to attend an alternative campus with other pupils who have different subject interests.

    In this way, attending Open Day on more than one campus ought not to present additional resourcing implications in your school. Please encourage your students to download our prospectus here so they can see which campuses have the courses they’re interested in.

  • Can I supply my own transport services company under the transport assistance packages?

    Yes, if you can avail of transport such as your own school bus, Ulster University will reimburse 25p per mile for travel to and from our campuses in Coleraine and Derry~Londonderry.

  • Is there free transport to the Belfast campus?

    Travel assistance applies only to our Coleraine and Derry~Londonderry campuses.  This is part of our commitment to encourage schools to branch out beyond Belfast to experience all that we have to offer. We are unable to offer free transport to the Belfast campus.

    We hope that these package options and the transport assistance in place for Coleraine and Derry~Londonderry campuses will boost and assist your scope to visit more than one UU campus in 2024 and to expand the horizons of your pupils interested in studying with us right across Northern Ireland.

  • Can pupils attending open days by themselves recoup their own transport costs?

    We are unable to reimburse individual pupils for travel to and from our campuses.  Please check the Translink website for public transport options.

    Parking is available on our campuses in Coleraine and Derry~Londonderry.

    For Belfast, on-street parking is available but extremely limited. Public parking is available at Q-Park St. Anne's Square and nearby at CastleCourt. Other car parks are available.