About the Centre for Higher Education Research & Practice.

The Centre for Higher Education Research and Practice (CHERP) facilitates the progression and implementation of Learning and Teaching priorities in collaboration with other key players within the institution.

In progressing its work, CHERP will draw mainly on existing resources but will create new configurations, groupings and networks, as appropriate, to ensure a focused, informed and co-ordinated approach in addressing themes and issues.

CHERP will keep colleagues informed of developments in Higher Education, nationally and internationally, creating opportunities for staff to engage with research and practice in a variety of contexts, and promoting developments across boundaries, whether within academic practice or involving collaboration with colleagues in areas of learning support.

CHERP's guiding aim

To promote a learning experience that is enriching, distinctive, challenging and addresses the needs and aspirations of students and staff at Ulster University.

CHERP provides

  • Leadership (new ideas, approaches and direction), drawing on national and international models, and providing a platform with appropriate scholarly underpinning to progress pedagogic initiatives.
  • Support (advice, guidance, project funding) for academic and learning support staff to pursue enthusiasms and engage in practice that will enrich the learning experience for students.
  • Opportunity (to participate in conversations and activities that address strategic priorities).
  • Challenge (in addressing changing paradigms in higher education).
  • Maintains 'a watching brief' and responds to internal and external developments that impact on the learning environment.

CHERP priorities

  • To lead, support or otherwise contribute to the realisation of SLaTE priorities;
  • To review relevant activity currently located in various units/groupings;
  • To facilitate conversations with and between faculties and departments;
  • To create conversation spaces for the pursuit of particular topics;
  • To embed the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL);
  • To provide a focus for engagement with research and practice;
  • To maintain the strategic focus of the PgCHEP and MEd;
  • To keep in touch with external developments, drawing on, contributing to and disseminating as appropriate.

In this section

Strategy for Learning and Teaching Enhancement (SLaTE

SLaTE, Ulster University's Strategy for Learning and Teaching Enhancement is an agile framework that enables us to develop and deliver policy aims and objectives and fund support projects that deliver quality enhancement in education.

Staff and contacts

List of CHERP staff members, visiting professors and honorary fellows.

Membership of CHERP

Information about our internal L&T community of practice (CoP)