Become an apprentice

To apply for a higher level apprenticeship you must have a job and your employer must be willing to support you to undertake an apprenticeship in a subject that's relevant to your job.

A higher level apprenticeship offers an alternative route to getting a university degree. To take part in a Higher Level Apprenticeship programme you need, as a minimum, to be:

  • a school leaver aged 16 or over
  • eligible for your selected programme
  • employed or be about to take up paid employment as an apprentice, or an existing employee with a private sector company based in Northern Ireland.
  • work a minimum of 21 hours per week (which includes time for ‘off-the-job’ training)
  • have achieved all necessary entry qualifications determined by the relevant sector
  • pass any entry tests specified by the relevant sector
  • be the minimum school leaving age in Northern Ireland

Other types of apprenticeships

If you're not eligible for our Higher Level Apprenticeship programme because you're in school or you don't have a job, you can get more information about other apprenticeships by visiting these websites: