TJI Seminar

Seminar by Professor Christine Bell - Women and Inclusion in Peace Processes

International students at Coleraine

TJI Seminar

This seminar will set out the issues for women in gaining inclusion in peace processes. Drawing on the PA-X peace agreement database, it will examine the entry points for women to influence agendas for change, examine the type of peace agreement provisions which result, and consider the obstacles to implementation. Throughout the seminar will consider questions as to what a 'gender perspective' in peace processes is, and the challenges of influencing change given the double challenges of the multiple levels of exclusion from peace negotiations, and the difficulty with formulating any non-essentialised concept of the 'women's agenda for change'.

Christine Bell is Professor of Constitutional Law and Assistant Principal (Global Justice) at the University of Edinburgh, where she also directs the Global Justice Academy. She is leading scholar of peace agreements, has been recipient of several academic awards and is a member of the British Academy. Professor Bell directs the Political Settlements Research Programme, which is a multi-year, multi-partner, research consortium involving the Transitional Justice Institute and funded by the UK Department for International Development. The PA-X Peace Agreement Database is a key output of the PSRP.

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