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Accounting, Finance, Investment & Economics

The specialist financial and leadership skills needed to drive businesses, industries and economies forward including Advanced Accounting, Strategic Accounting, Global Capital Markets and Global Investment Management.

Architecture and The Built Environment

The specialist skills required to achieve safe, sustainable and thriving communities. Build your expertise in Architecture, Planning, Design, Construction, Safety, Energy, Civil Engineering and Management skills.

Art, Design and Digital Media

Driven by innovation and imagination, develop your practice in Fine Art, Art Psychotherapy, Animation, Photography, User Experience (UX) and Service Design and Fashion and Textile Retail Management.

Music or Drama

Educate, entertain, excite and drive change. Build your specialist skills and knowledge in the culturally important areas of Performance, Musicianship, English Literature, History, Irish Language, Heritage, Museum Studies and Practice.

Biology & Biomedical Sciences

Build your expertise in Biomedical Sciences and the specialist fields of Diabetes Care, Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Nutrition, Dietetics, Regulatory Affairs, Personalised Medicine, Biotechnology, Stem Cell Biology, Veterinary Health and Prescribing for Optometrists.

Business, Management, Leadership and Marketing

Build your skills via our courses in Business Development, Innovation or Improvement, Management, Marketing, Digital Transformation, Strategy, Human Resources, and Analytics. Enhance your leadership capabilities with courses in Management, Entrepreneurship, Executive Coaching, and Leadership.

Communication and Media

Our marketers and communicators navigate the worlds of business, creativity, and human behaviour to improve the lives of their consumers, customers, and communities. Build your specialist skills in Communication, PR, Marketing, Digital Marketing Journalism, Communication and Counselling Studies.

Computing and Computing Technologies

Never more in demand, build your specialist skills in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Internet of Things (IoT), Software Development and Smart Manufacturing Systems.


Help others achieve their full potential. Learn more about our extensive range of PGCE courses and our specialist courses Education, School Leadership, Teaching English (TESOL) and Library and Information Management.


Driven by a relentless desire to make things better, our engineers are constantly seeking to improve how we live. Build your specialist skills in Biomedical Engineering, Manufacturing Management, Smart Manufacturing Systems, Mechanical Engineering and Advanced Composites and Polymers.

Geography & Environmental Sciences

Environmental issues are impacting our world, locally and globally. Advocacy is shifting to action as local and global communities need expertise and support. Build your specialist skills in Biodiversity, Data Analysis, Environment Management, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Toxicology and Pollution.

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

Incorporating management, specialist knowledge and skills required by the exciting and rewarding industry at home and internationally. Build your skills in Innovation, Critical Event Studies, Event Management, Food Design, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Managing and Leading People


World leading Law research drives our programme design and learning experience. Build your expertise in Access to Justice, Corporate Law, Computing and Innovation, Technology Law, Employment Law, Gender Conflict and Human Rights, Transitional Justice, and International Commercial Law.

Medicine and Health Sciences

The specialist skills that enable health care professionals to treat and care for others with dignity and compassion. Follow a career in Medicine or build your skills in Advanced Practice, Medicine Management, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Lower Limb Preservation in Diabetes.

Nursing and Paramedic Science

Study at our award-winning School of Nursing and Paramedic Science. Build your specialist skills in Research, Nursing Practice, Applied Health Studies, Education, General Practice, Health and Wellbeing, Health Promotion, Nurse and Midwife Prescribing, Palliative Care and Specialist Nursing.

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Transforming lives as a pharmacist or as a scientist, build your specialist skills in Business Practice, Pharmacy Practice, Zoonoses, Public Health, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Instrumental Methods, Drug Discovery, Development and Delivery.


Enhance your knowledge and skills in the causes and development of human behaviour. Develop your skills in Applied Psychology, Behaviour Analysis and specialist areas of Mental Health, Psychological Therapies, Health and Wellbeing, Health Promotion and Behaviour Change.

Social and Policy Sciences

The specialist skills and knowledge to make a positive difference to lives of others. Build your expertise in Community Youth Work, Peace and Conflict Studies, Public Administration, Social Policy and Social Work.

Sport, Coaching & Management

The specialist skills to help individuals achieve their full potential, recover their health or improve their quality of life. Build your expertise in Nutrition, Medicine, Psychology, Coaching, Performance, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Management and Law.