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Worried about time and financial commitments?

Deciding to undertake postgraduate study can be both rewarding and dauting. There are many benefits to postgraduate study including career advancement and personal development. We understand that postgraduate study can be a significant investment of time and money so we are here to help you select the course or award level which best meets your needs.

Unsure if you will have the time for Postgraduate study?

Flexible learning = Opportunity to build skills as you go

Ulster University is the leading provider of postgraduate study in NI (HESA 2020) and has adapted its teaching to meet the needs of its students, especially those with other professional or family commitments. Many of our courses are available on a part-time basis. Whilst this means it may take you a little longer to achieve your final award, you will be able to study on a timeline that best suits you.

  • Our programmes are designed to support those who work while studying, including the opportunity to use live work projects as course work, and a two-week deadline extension to part-time students for coursework.
  • Our Postgraduate courses are designed as discrete skills bundles which means you can access the skills you need while gaining a degree-level qualification.
  • For courses with a full-time option, you will have the opportunity to learn alongside full-time students enabling you to develop networks and build strong professional relationships.
  • You may have the opportunity to choose the modules that will suit your schedule for the academic year, tailored around your professional or family commitments.

Concerned about how to pay for postgraduate study? 

Financial support available = Financially accessible

  • Home students (NI/ROI) can gain discrete skills from as little as £193* with a 5-Credit Short Course, or build business-transforming knowledge, expertise, and leadership skills with a PG Cert 60-Credit Module Course for as little as £2,315* (*Fee examples are for 22/23 fees).
  • Many of our postgraduate programmes have been designed so that you can work towards a final Masters’ level qualification whilst gaining CV-building qualifications like Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas. Or you can develop your skills and expertise through standalone short courses.
  • Monthly interest-free payment plans are available if you need to spread the cost, or alternatively you can access a 5% early full payment plan discount if paying upfront. This cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.
  • For part-time study, the price of your overall programme will be determined by the number of modules that you undertake in the relevant academic year effectively enabling you to “pay as you learn”.
  • If you are an alumnus of Ulster University, you can take advantage of our 10% Alumni discount for Master’s, Postgraduate Diplomas or Postgraduate Courses.

How we can help build your skills base and staff engagement

Our strong collaboration with industry is reflected in our dynamic course portfolio, cutting-edge research, and world-class facilities. We are proud of our wide range of corporate partnerships, and work with businesses to find the best upskilling solution for them; our knowledge can help develop and upskill your workforce, deliver expertise to help your business grow, and find and keep new talent.

The immediate implementation of skills and expertise is at the heart of the learning experience we deliver. Each of our four Faculties work with employers and awarding bodies to develop our curriculum, and we have achieved extensive accreditation from a range of professional bodies across our entire suite of programmes.

1. Access the broadest range of postgraduate training solution in NI

We have over 300 courses available, from specialist skills to business leadership. University-level postgraduate development is not just about Master’s.

2. Learn skills that can immediately contribute towards your business

Investing in employee development will help to indicate any gaps within your company, highlighting where skill levels need to be developed to align with your overall business goals.

3. Retain and nurture your top talent

Nurturing your existing talent pool will positively impact your company by creating an engaged and committed workforce.

4. Boost your benefits offering

Will demonstrate to your employees that you care for and listen to your workforce, that you want them to succeed and develop within the company.

5. Strengthen your succession plan

Helping to develop your employees' skills, knowledge, and confidence, will ensure a pipeline of talent for your organisation’s future, effectively aiming to develop potential leaders within your company.