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Why Ulster is the ultimate training destination for business

We can work with you to help prime your business to achieve your immediate goals and deliver long-term sustainable growth.

We are uniquely positioned to support your business through our expertise, world-class skills and talent, exceptional facilities, and tailored partnership programmes situated across Northern Ireland.

We are committed to unlocking the full potential of Northern Ireland, and your business, through ongoing investment in our people, our places and our partnerships.

Why postgraduate study may be your best training solution

Ulster creates thoughtful, strategic leaders who are equipped to address your businesses biggest challenges.

Our strong collaboration with industry is reflected in our dynamic course portfolio, cutting edge research and world-class facilities. Build your skills base by accessing the broadest range of postgraduate training solutions.

Benefits of Postgraduate Study

  • Retain and nurture your talent whilst booking your benefits offering.
  • Our links with industry partners and accrediting bodies ensure that the training is real world relevant.
  • Enhance your business’ reputation with globally recognised qualifications.
  • Strengthen your succession plan as we coach our graduates beyond the execution of skills including strategic problem solving.
  • Our research driven course development ensure you get the latest thinking.
  • Our programmes are modular based ensuring your teams get the skills they need quickly.
  • A number of our courses welcome live business cases, this interactive approach will allow our students to be creative and innovative with solutions to help your businesses.

Develop tailored training solutions or shape our degree programmes

The speed of transformation continues to accelerate, and businesses require an agile workforce with the necessary skills and expertise.

Reimagined, new, and emerging sectors provide untapped potential for those organisations with the foresight to build their skills pipelines and employee satisfaction.

Never has an investment in your people been more critical.

There are many ways that we can help you respond effectively to your workforce needs:

  • Customised training programmes that are professionally accredited and relevant
  • Co-designed courses specific to your needs
  • Degree Level Apprenticeships

Build your future pipeline by reaching students now

We encourage our business partners to actively engage and contribute to our learning environment so that it is industry relevant. At Ulster, we believe that we can learn just as much from you, as you can from us.

These opportunities can prime your employee recruitment brand, helping you to secure the next generation of talent ahead of your competition.

Guest Lecturing

If willing, we invite our corporate partners to formally pass on their stories and learnings to our students.


Enabling your employees to become active mentors on our Business Leader Peer Mentoring Programme or via our wider UU Connects platform can have an immense impact on the lives of our students and graduates.

Shape our Curriculum

Employer Advisory Boards encourage our partner companies to help shape the content we deliver to keep our courses industry relevant, building the skills most required by you.

Case Studies, Student Challenges and Competitions

You can provide students with real-life case studies or set challenges and competitions that help our students develop their industry-focused thinking while giving you fresh insight – you may well benefit from their findings!

Sponsorships and Prizes

We have many branding opportunities that will raise your profile with our students, alumni and the wider community, from providing prizes to sponsoring an initiative aligned to your company’s values.