All new staff and existing staff with a new role within the university will be welcomed and supported by our induction programme.

Our programmes include:

Local Induction

Your local induction is a three-way joint process between your Line Manager, your Induction Colleague and you. Guides have been developed to enable an effective local induction and may be accessed via the Local Induction Guidance Links at the bottom of the page.

Central to the process is a comprehensive, interactive local induction checklist designed to provide the required assurance that an effective local induction has been facilitated in a timely manner for all new staff and existing staff taking on a new role within the university.

Who should have a local induction?

  • New temporary, part-time and full-time staff
  • Staff redeployed within the University
  • Staff taking on a new role within the University

Benefits of a good local induction

As a member of staff either new to the University or with a new role you are supported to:

  • become familiar with and settle into your new environment
  • understand your role, responsibilities and performance expectations
  • have access to the resources you need to perform effectively in your new role

Local Induction Guidance

Welcome and Orientation Programme

This programme complements the local induction co-ordinated by your Line Manager and is designed to provide you with the required practical and organisational information at a time and place most convenient to you.

You may access the online Welcome and Orientation Programme in three easy steps:

Cycle to Work Scheme

Gym Membership

  • All new employees are eligible for 3 months free gym membership at either the Jordanstown and Coleraine Campus. To take up the offer please apply to

Role Specific Induction

In addition to local induction, staff development also provide a range of role specific inductions which currently include:

  • Introduction to Learning & Teaching for PG Tutors and Demonstrators
    Contact Vicky Davies
  • Leading Schools - New School Leaders Orientation Workshop for new Heads & Associate Heads of School
  • Support for New Managers
  • Course Director / Subject Unit Coordinator Induction
    Contact: Sarah Floyd

Academic Probation Mentoring

All full time and part time academic staff will be allocated a Mentor to support them throughout their probationary period. You can access an overview of this process.