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Dr Saul Golden

Senior Lecturer

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Built Environment Research


Room 06C39 Belfast BT15 1ED



Dr Saul Golden, SFHEA, is a Lecturer in Architecture and Spatial Design, a Chartered UK architect and academic with over twenty-years of international practice/research/teaching expertise across architecture, interior and urban design.

Saul's research and teaching are underpinned by peer-reviewed publications and field-based projects through his UK trademarked, Urban Research Lab, which promotes trans-disciplinary, inter-sector collaboration across architecture, interior, and urban design related to mapping and influencing policy on more sustainable shared and diverse urban spaces, critical spatial practice, and innovative performative public engagement methods. His 2016 doctoral thesis, Beyond Architecture: Other Influences on Approaches to Practice and Urban Space, combined architectural and social sciences approaches to uniquely examine the changing nature of architecture practice, and changing roles architects undertake as critical spatial practitioners. Saul currently has four PhD supervision roles across architecture, engineering, art-practice, and social sciences topics.

In 2017-2018 Saul was Principal Investigator for a GCRF Pump-prime project in Ghana titled Sustainable Design and Shared Space (SDSS), integrating research into urban-rural design, off-grid energy, and clean water infrastructure for deprived communities in partnership with the Ghana Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), NGO Just Ghana, and Ulster University's Centre for Sustainable Technologies. Since 2016, Saul has also been a Visiting Academic with the Bamford Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing undertaking research on architecture, interior and urban design relative to smart-ageing and dementia challenges, ageing-in-place, and healthy communities in the UK, US, and China.

Outside of his academic roles, Saul enjoys a strong international professional network through his practice, Gillespie-Golden Architects, and elected positions as a Trustee of the RIBA and RSUA; from 2012-2018 he was also a Director of built environment outreach charity PLACE Ltd.